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Floor Care > HENRY HOOVER BAGS X 10 NVM-1CH (604015)

HENRY HOOVER BAGS X 10 NVM-1CH (604015) (1)


Pack of 10 Genuine Henry Hoover Bags
We are an approved distributor for Numatic International and as such we are able to bring these fantastic savings to you.  These new improved high efficiency bag is called Hepaflo Dust Bag and are suitable for all Homecare machines ensuring excellent performance and clean & simple emptying.
Part Number 604015  - suitable for all James, Henry & Hetty Models.
  Henry, Hetty, James, HVR200A, HET200A, HVX200-22, HVR200M-22, HVR200T-2, HHR200-2, NVR200-22, JVH180-1,   NVH/NVP180-1/200-2, RSV130/200-1, NQS250 & NVQ200-22, HZQ200-2, MFQ300-22
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